Products Advantage

Design for Southeast Asian Ecommerce sellers

Docking with multi-channel

Support Southeast Asian multichannel Ecommerce, high efficient process order, fast delivery, save time,save manpower and save cost.

Suitable for Southeast Asian seller process scenario

In-depth analysis of Southeast Asian sellers use scenarios, and continue to provide optimal solutions for operations

support multi-language in system

From software language, online training services, instant customer service, etc., provide localized language support

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

standard inventory

Prepare for accurate and efficient handling of inventory, orders, purchases, etc.

Warehouse Efficiency Process Flow

From warehouse planning, to personnel division, operational processes, etc., providing the most efficient solution.

Order processing efficiency

Batch processing multi-platform store orders, greatly improve order management and delivery efficiency.

Fast Delivery Of Logistics

Docking multi logistics channels, able batch select the logistic channel, setting rules, automate to improve efficiency processing shipping.

Purchasing efficiency

Smart ways to monitor out of stock, calculate restock quantity, fast procurement workflows, and automate renew costing price.

Multi-dimensional data analysis

Analyze the seller data from multiple dimensions, including order analysis, procurement data analysis, commodity data analysis, warehouse analysis, etc.

Exclusive Tools and Features

Help you continue to increase sales

Rapid shipped

To provide you with a variety of delivery methods to find the most suitable rapid shipping solution for you

Smart purchase

Intelligent calculation of outstanding goods, timely and accurate generation of procurement plans, solving the impact of outsider

Manage Order

Manage multichannel eCommerce stores orders in one dashboard, which greatly improve efficiency and productivity on orders process flow and delivery.

Exception Handling

Exception handling such as return parcel, customer complaint, failed delivery, failed on maintenance

Data analysis

Multi-dimensional data analysis conveniently to monitor and optimization for products sale, inventory management and personnel performance.

Prevention oversold setting

Synchronize inventory and by setting multi-dimensional rules to avoid oversold the same item in multiple stores. Exclusive rules can be set such as campaign sale.

Manage Stock

Stock management able to reduce the backlog of unsaleable products and data analysis of hot and popular products.

Manage Return

Automate generate return orders, query return orders, and track parcel status

Manage Publish

Realize the mainstream e-commerce platform of Southeast Asia, collecting major platform goods, achieving one-button lappally, multi-platform and platform products, mutual moving

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