powerful functions

Rich product matrix

Products Advantage

Tools and Features

Manage Stock

  • Manage Products Details

  • Manage Inventory

  • Manage Products Sales

  • Manage Prevention Oversold

Manage Order

  • Manage Order Status

  • Manage Stock In and Stock Out

  • Manage Customer Complain and Return

  • Custom Order Rules Setting

Manage Warehouse

  • WMS Rapid Ship Out

  • Check Inventory

  • Customize Warehouse Rules Setting

  • 3PL Warehouse Management

Manage Purchase

  • Smart procurement calculate

  • Manage Procurement Flow

  • Manage In-Stock

  • Manage Supplier

Manage Logistics

  • Manage Platform Logistic

  • System docking logistics management

  • Customize logistic management

  • Custom logistic rules setting

Product Publish

  • Data collection

  • One-click moving

  • Rapid publish product

  • Shopee marketing tools


  • Invoiving analysis

  • Sale report

  • Purchaser performance

  • Inventory aging report

Manage role

  • Manage role authorrity

  • Data authority management

  • Custom role setting

  • Manage Staff

Comprehensive system service

Warehouse site trainning

Provide for Pro, Pro+ and Advanced version system warehouse site training, include warehouse layout and workflow strategy planning.

1 on 1 online trainning

Provide all customers 1 on 1 online training, based on customers condition, tailor-made trainning to improve quickly learning and effieciency on daily process flow.

7x12hrs local customer service

For clients who purchased Pro, Pro+ and Advanced version system, we provide a week 7x12hrs local customer service with heart and souls.

Rich product matrix

WMS Wareshouse Management System

Paperless distribution management provides information support for each node of warehouse management.

Business official website customization

Can easily create a corporate website with optional templates.

Distribution system

Provide solutions for information interaction between suppliers and their distributors, such as purchasing and sending on behalf of others

TMS Transport Management System

It is designed to provide solutions for companies operating 3PL, oversea warehouse service, freight forwarding, and agency services.

Product lookup features

Mass selection and analysis, the whole process to help you create exclusive hot products.


More products soming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How do newers start using it?

Before using the newbie, it is recommended to prepare the goods and warehouse information first. This is the beginning of an efficient and accurate management. For more detailed description, please consult your customer manager.

Do you support multi-site management?

Multi-site management is not yet supported, which will be released in the near future, please pay attention.

Can you submit a new need?

Products will continue to improve the customer's use scenario, and quickly iterate at a speed of 1-2 times a week. If you have any needs, you can submit it to us. After we analyze the assessment, the needs of the audit will be discharged.

Specific service for local services?

Local services are provided by the local team and participate in international expert team. Including but not limited to products, warehouse planning, equipment purchase suggestions, personnel arrangements, performance management, etc. Please consult the account manager for details, and the customer manager will customize the service plan according to your needs.

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